Theme Party's

Original Parties around a specific topic: "Viva Brasil", Oldies But Goodies "(60's until 90's)", Cherokee Party, Latin Drums, Circus Party, Lau (Hawaii) Party. They Include:

Dj, Performances, Dancers, Audio, Video and Linghting.

Live Performance

Variety of group with diverse musical generes.

Soloists, Duos, Trios, Quartets, Mariachi, Versatile Band, Norteño, Salsa, Rock, Jazz, Pop, Blues, Reggae


Lighting is one element of an event that people remember. Whether it's used for setting moods or evoking emotion, making a show come to life, create a difference in the atmosphere of your main event.

"Let our project manager do the job".

Dj Rental Equipment

Your Dj will delight with brand and models of their choice in case you need a full service, our technicians are bi-lingual and highly trained in their respective fields of expertise.


We have more than 21,000 different titles English / Spanish. We can set up, events on the beach, from a single performer to an audience of a 1,000 people.

Monogram Gobo

Project a custom-made image or text. Any design you choose on any size​ wall or floor. This aw-inspiring effect will definitely have your guests talking the second they walk into your room.


Original and innovative due to the shape, colors and light. Inflatable decoration products multifunctional. They offer lighting, decor and safety.

They carry a new way of lighting fashion show, as they are used mainly as decor elements, also as lighting devices to enhance the show in itself, but also for signage or brand recognition.